Does Dubai offer serenity?

After Newyork and London, Dubai is the new metropolis that is known the world over for its extravaganza. There are countless luxury Villas for sale in Dubai, shopping malls, and destinations to visit. Indeed, the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in specific is loaded with luxurious sceneries and hotels, but many people wonder if there is any place amidst this city of frenzy, where one could stay at peace.

It might come to you as a shock, but  Dubai is also home to many tranquil places where one can exclude themselves from the regular hustle-bustle of the city. From serene lakes to secluded hotels to desert safaris, Dubai blesses its residents and visitors with a number of places where everyone can refuel and reflect.

  1. Get a private yacht

Since Dubai is gifted with an ever-widening expanse of water, there many private tours that can help you in exploring the city’s aquatic life. In Dubai, you can either drive your own HERO OdySea boat or get a private Abra ride along with the creek to experience the absolute VIP lifestyle by chartering your own yacht.

By booking a yacht you can feel yourself almost floating in the water with a speed of nearly 50 km/h. In addition, you would relish the unique experience of moving and changing landmarks with the thrill of water underneath.

  1. Visit Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are someone who enjoys waking up to an atmosphere that is completely divorced from the energetic urban buzz, then head to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. This gorgeous protected wetland is situated at the end of Dubai Creek and is a hot spot of biodiversity.

Here you would find 180 different bird species, including the gorgeous pink flamingos. There is also a large residential fishing harbor in the city where you can enjoy the gorgeous sunset and have an enjoyable lunch across the water.

  1. Visit The Farm at Al Barari

If you prefer more serene and quieter dining spots, try the farm at Al Barari for it serves its guests with wholesome and fulfilling food, that can be devoured with gorgeous sightseeing.

  1. Al Qudra in the Al Marmom Conservation Reserve

This place is a man-made oasis amidst the natural desert of Dubai. It also serves as a home Al Qudra cycle track which is an absolutely awe-striking cycle route that loops around the dunes and is perfectly suitable for professionals and novices.

This place not only offers quiet and peace but it also gives the tourists to spot the local wildlife like a desert fox and Arabian oryx. The views of this place are especially spectacular during the onset of twilight and the break of dawn. The tourists are provided with sheltered rest points and a perfect haven to do a socially distant picnic.

  1. Desert safari

For absolute seclusion lovers,  there is no place better than a desert safari. The Nara Escape camp at a desert safari allows the visitors to get the best of desert safari by setting up private tents for them. They also organize amazing bespoke experiences that range from camel riding and stargazing experiences with astronomers.

There are also popular hot air balloon rides and the famous Balloon Adventures that Dubai provides.

Staying overnight at Platinum Heritage is also a one of its kind experience that includes wildlife drives and gourmet breakfasts.

  1. Take a tour to Jabal Jais

Jabal Jais is the popular mountain range present in the heart of Musandam Governorate of Oman. This is by far the largest and mountainous range in the entire gulf, with an elevation of nearly 2000m!

Jabal Jais is especially really beautiful during winters and makes a great vacation spot for people who crave serenity.

  1. Visit Love Lake

If you are newly married to the love of your life, you and your sweetheart must be in search of tranquil places. Love lake in Al Qudra serves it all, so enjoy the romantic picnic with your one and only and enjoy the fascinating scenery that surrounds this man-made paradise.

  1. Hatta Dam is worth a visit

Located at exclave of Dubai, Hatta Dam sits proudly on the high of Hajjar mountains. This absolutely breathtaking holiday spot offers a serene experience, that everyone must experience at least once in their life.

Other than the abovementioned peaceful destinations in Dubai, there many peaceful residences like Bulgari Residences Dubai that offer comfort everyone is yearning to get amidst the ultimate city’s urbanity.